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5. Febr. RTE 2 TV guide, live streaming listings, delayed and repeat programming, broadcast rights and provider availability. Reportagen, Serien, Filme. Apr. rte 2 live. Dublin vs Tyrone Live GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship Restricting the polished promptings of Ciaran Kilkenny, who. RTE 2 TV guide, live streaming listings, delayed and repeat programming, broadcast rights and provider availability. C Johnny Sexton Rugby who beat the durty all blacks in Dublin and made them all cry rte 2 live there mammys in New Zealand ………. Please play Bagatelles a summer in Dublin. Red Bull TV is a global multi-platform channel. Hi could you please tell me when the winners of the 2fm The Voice Wildcards will be out? Side Show Bob December 22, Dame Caroline also finds it unacceptable that protesters outside the House of Commons were chanting, "your a Nazi", at here her colleague, MP Anna Soubry The protests in Paris which I was watching live on youtube were peaceful until the police attacked the crowd and start beathing bet365 steuer assaulting older peaceful protesters In return the Irish have access to the surplus Borgata casino online rewards visas Mick Weihnachts games December 21, Ciara January 11, pokerstars alternative Lorraine December 25, AlternativePopTop

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Someone tell the good Dame that the great philosopher, Aristotle believed that the problem with democracy was the plebs right to vote Side Show Bob January 7, K leaves the EU with a withdrawal agreement on march 29th In the event of a no deal Brexit, McCoy predicts significant worse conditions, squeezed between a shrinking U.

K market and a dramatically weaker sterling K and the E. U has to offer Which was never going to be acceptable to Northern Ireland Tariff free Banking London , Tariff free or low corporate tax Dublin Or do wee need the crayons Abolishing the licence fee on hold for now Side Show Bob January 6, Someone tell the Washington correspondent that the Bill was signed sealed and delivered by President Trump into the hands of the Democrats for passing The bill deal allowed Americans to retire to Ireland and work twenty hours per week Invest their savings in local towns and villages In return the Irish have access to the surplus E3 visas Democrats have the overwhelming numbers to do so and would not Side Show Bob January 5, Some one tell Beth Have your brothers remains DNA tested And have your support network with you at all times Sounds like a double tap burial God bless you and be forever staunch And the two pundits with their doomsday narrative if there is a no deal Brexit Some one tell those two, that WTO.

Win win win for the beef farmers and consumers with in the British Isles, including the Rep of Ireland Side Show Bob January 4, Who ran on an anti-gay marriage ticket during her leadership campaign So long as your not looking for a same-sex wedding cake JJ Walsh January 1, Luke January 1, Hail Mary full of grace the lord is with thee blessed art thou among woman and blessed is the fruit of thine womb Jesus holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death ,Amen Gary December 31, Ah I made it through new-years ok ffs ah I have a hangover now its 9am Tuesday 1st January , I was over by the opera house in Sydney and the fireworks were great gas altogether ….

I was roaring and singing auld ang sign and Karen was there with me and there were other Irish there too , we were at the pub first it was packed ….

Liam December 30, Fiona Burke December 30, FFS Miriam going on about sex and vaginas and now Marian ranting on about abortion!

Oh alleluia we have come a long way. Brian December 29, Gary December 28, Ah its just after 5pm a Friday and works done now and I will be off to the pub for plenty of pints lads ffs I loves the sunny weather its grand and warm and we all have a tan in OZ Thomas December 27, Joe December 25, Unknown December 25, Hey John Creedon there is no snow in Chicago today ….

Darren December 25, Listening to John Creedon and some lovely Christmas tunes on Christmas morning Gary December 25, I would love to be home ffs but im down here and im very homesick today but at least I have plenty of bottles and cans Tim December 24, I wont be home for Christmas this year I live in the USA but I wish I was there because of the family and the craic , I left Ireland a long time ago during the famine of and arrived in America weighing about 8 stone , America saved my life but Christmas in Ireland is the best …..

RF December 24, Oh how I love the Christmas season , all the shopping and presents to wrap and traveling to be with loved ones and all the food and turkey and cheer and laughter it truly is a great time and cake and alcohol and selection boxes , oh goodie goodie for me , I always have the greatest Christmas of all and I always get very expensive gifts because I refuse cheap presents , Side Show Bob December 22, Tallaght Hospital Choir singing,O holy night Mick McCarthy December 21, Side show Bob December 21, An LSD cleansing after swimming the quagmire of dissonance reduction by pundits and politicos Jesse December 21, Gary December 21, I have nothing else to say but I wish I was home in Ireland ffs, bye, Gary.

Joseph December 21, Jesus was born in Judea or todays Palestine ….. God said the people of Judea are the chosen people …..

I wish you peace and health. Fedup December 20, How many more times are we going to be inflicted with these so called celebrity chefs telling us how to baste the turkey?

GuiseppeF December 19, Remember change station at 8pm ….. I will listen to lyric on rte. Michael December 19, Please excuse my spelling below …..

I should have typed "Sight" not site Christ what a shower of knobheads that comment on this site. I would rather fly.

Liam December 19, There must be great trains in Russia James December 19, Yes it looks like a hard border will be in place soon but if the Irish government cow down to the english government and give the brits more concessions then there may be a soft border …..

Thomas December 18, IRA digging up their guns and getting em ready? Side Show Bob December 18, On the latest 24hrs dip in markets and downturn in site of bear town S Central bank is raising interest rates" Some tell Niall Dineen not to worry about that yield curve inversion It just the Fed taking the heat out of a booming real American economy Tell NIall that the million U.

Are now fully employed and President Trumps real world policies are backed by the unions across America Gary December 18, I do enjoy me few pints I drink 17, 16 oz pints everyday 7 days a week for years bhoy ffs and I love how that cool larger pours down me throat aaaaaah its like a heaven on earth … Drive Time, I wonder if Russia or the western countries will bomb england into the stone ages you never know.

Drive time with Mary Wilson ……. JJ Walsh December 17, Any man that drank as much as you do, always denied it, not bragged about it. Unknown December 17, Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus.

Papa says "if you see it in the Sun its so" Please tell me the truth , is there a Santa Claus? Gary December 17, Hi all from Australia im finished me work for Monday its 4.

Ken McMurry December 17, Brexit will be very bad for Ireland because of our poor leadership and a so called defense force which are mostly cowards , Ireland will be invaded again by the english because the back stop is only temporary and then the english will come and beat small children and woman and weak small men and they will laugh at us and spit in our faces …..

Brian December 16, I wonder if Ireland start driving on the right side of the road after Brexit on march 29th? Gary December 15, Hi hows it going?

GuiseppeF December 14, GiuseppeF December 14, I like to listen to Lyric on rte and rte Gold too ,its lots of fun and tonight im eating 6 jelly donuts and 6 bran muffins and a big glass of milk ,oh im in the Christmas spirit …..

I hope I get new glasses for christmas. Alex Horan Co Kerry December 14, Sports Person of the Year Award Ayeisha McFerran womans hockey goal keeper who got the team to the world cup final and the first time for any Irish team … B Cian Lynch Limerick Hurling an All Ireland win in decades , stunning performance ….

C Johnny Sexton Rugby who beat the durty all blacks in Dublin and made them all cry for there mammys in New Zealand ……….

I really hope Ayeisha wins what a fantastic person. JJ Wash December 13, Thomas December 13, Hey Gary, your post has prompted me to consider my neolithic dumbass comments too - much food for thought, muchacho Gary December 13, Love to all, Gary.

GuiseppeF December 13, I promise I will be nicer in the future , yours truly GuiseppeF. GuiseppeF December 12, Thomas December 12, David Cameron was kind of joking with the british people when he had them vote on Brexit …..

Liam December 12, I think part of ur word is spelled bollox or ballax … Stephen The Dragon Slayer. I learned a new word today …. Side Show Bob December 11, Apart from the twenty souls who have died because of misread cervical smears and non-disclosure Ann Maree who is receiving treatment in Germany with no lymphedema treatment in Ireland Who had two misread smear tests in and Pierre December 10, Viva la France …..

It will be the Guillotine for Macron … JJ Walsh December 9, Hi Gary, Cold here. Some Jewish MP has threatened to starve us.

Stay where you are and look after Karen, she sounds like a Star. If there is food there, STAY. I am heading to Dublin next Saturday for a yellow vest protest, I hope to see a repeat of Paris.

Keep drinking, it blocks out some of the bad stuff. Our Taoiseach gave himself a 25, raise a month last week. Glad you got your part time job.

Gary December 9, Ah hows it going? I have a handy second job delivering boat parts to the marina …. Thomas December 8, The protests in Paris which I was watching live on youtube were peaceful until the police attacked the crowd and start beathing and assaulting older peaceful protesters Side Show Bob December 7, Thomas December 7, The Joe Duffy Show Contact Joe at ph or K leaves the European Union Some one ask the Deputy Governor and frontrunner As her appointment would have been an obstacle to her Harvard educated boss, Governor Philip Lane getting a set at the top table As the ECB,s chief economist Americans like to spend money and Ireland needs to keep Ireland Irish because Americans did not save up hard earned money to go to Ireland and deal with people from Africa or the middle east ….

The ship Aquarius has been refused the papers to go to sea and pick up more migrant terrorists and bring them to Europe to kill men woman and children which the Irish government is very disappointed about , The Irish government stance is GuiseppeF December 6, I need to find a new station.

Liam December 6, George W Bush just said in his speech about his late father …. Liam December 5, PS i love u December 5, So long fair well adieu adieu , EU adieu adieu!

Kevin Malloy Waterford December 5, USA live on YouTube , public viewing just started at 6. Nurses are not allowed say , dear , love , sweetie , lad , boy , girl , to addresses patients anymore in case someone gets offended , ….

Cathy Mullins December 3, Breakfast shows invariably have slower starts but we are attracting a six figure audience. I predict that Breakfast Republic will own breakfast shortly.

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Report a broken radio station Note: Tammy November 30, Maradona November 22, John November 20, Joan November 19, Oh the Irish players sound lovely this evening with their white blouse and short tight hot-pant and pretty ankle stockings and charming booties they look lovely altogether mommies little darlings.

Diego Maradona November 19, Ireland are getting ready to lose again to the Danish in Copenhagen , most of the irish team is made up of english maggots and the head martin o Neil is from northern Ireland and he is the worst coach on the planet , so there really no real irish playing at all ….

Surf UFO November 13, Devan November 1, Can you play something from thin lizzy if you get a chance. Listening to you from Sanfrancisco I love your show always wanted to play a request a big Tom hit or joe Dolan song would fit the bill thanks.

Caesar Bryan September 24, Timmy August 5, I would like to give my best wishes from USA to Irelands ladies hockey team who are competing in the "world cup" today at 4.

Aoife Flanagan July 30, Good morning Nicky Byran can you play uptown girl by westlife I want say hello to my mum that is listing this morning I want to say hello to Shane filan for west life you rock.

Michelle Brown July 30, Eoin June 29, Pavee March 12, Dubliners have boycotted toilet paper again because it is against their code of conduct , the aroma and shit stains are all the rage in Dublin these days , lol.

Bertrand February 28, Paul , Sensing some frustration there mon amis , what how you say in English , Izyourproblem. Paul January 18, Ye are all pedo lovin shitstains.

You support a government that kills innocent children by supporting the bombing of 3rd world countries with the tax you give your corrupt government while your gardai hide paedophiles, murder people and commit fraud on a daily basis.

Pauline Blake January 1, I think the best Dj ye have Mr Larry could have a few years on me lol. Maggie Mc Kee January 31, Thanks , love the station.

BeatBasher November 1, Karen October 9, Ian Bennis Fermoy September 16, Can you wish all the ABEC lads all the best on there team bonding outing session this weekend down in Killarney please Lisa devlin September 7, Can you please send me the phone number as I think I know who the laugh is??

Ian Mcentee August 27, Wish William Flanagan a happy 30th birthday from tang thanks. Nicole August 19, Can you ask kev will he come to the debs with me?

Ciara August 6, Bernie Dolan July 16, Can u wish Moore Utd the best of luck celebrating their 40th Anniversary today at 4pm This is a soccer club in the parish of Moore Co Roscommon Thanks to our dedicated coaches and ground team for all their hard work throughout the years It all kicks off at 4pm and there is a bbq in Millars at 8pm Up the rossies!!!

Hi who was the girl just interviewed on 2fm, I liked her song. Aedin Higgins June 11, Gerry June 8, Please Play a request for us from the Script.

Michelle June 6, Hey Listening to show just great , Can you say a special mention for my daughter Aimee sitting her leaving Certificate exams on Wednesday trying to get her to distress xXx.

Hi Nicky what a great performance on thursday and there is no explaining why you were not in that line up ,but let me tell you i have a 12 year old boy who was devastated and he has now decided to take on youre song at a local drama class that he attends , so you have made a difference well done again.

So long fair well adieu adieu E. Ps i live u January 31, Here that rumbling sound under the ground like a cement mixer is Oliver Cromwell turning in his grave The butchers, bakers and candle stick makers Never again the common law of the common people as enshrined in the Magna Carta dismissed by Royalist elites Who taught the Magna Carta, being nibbled away by the E.

To further their vested interests Hi to all from the upper Midwest USA …. I hope the engine block in my truck wont crack ….

Tony Mc January 31, Yes it is true the uk will give back Gibraltar to Spain and they will relinquish control of northern Ireland and the Falklands gos to Argentina and Scotland can go for independence again and the world will rejoice the scummy brits will deserve whats coming.

Liam January 31, I cant believe its almost Friday and January is done , whats next? Brien Byrne January 30, RTE reported on it so I hope they will tell the real story of an angry gay negro who hated white people.

Thomas Moore January 30, Brendan January 30, Ciara January 30, Great News , The chat-room will be back on the 1st of March , we are very excited to have a chat with all of you , just remember please be civil , Thank You , lol.

Mir Nardone January 29, I, am irish born and bread. I have three daughter , all three born in Dublin. My oldest is living in London and now is applying for her Irish passport, she was refused because her banks signature was not accepted.

But she was told to pay an Indian shop owner 20 pounds for his signature. She told him where to go! David Dillon January 29, Q January 28, Truth teller January 27, Its Holocaust Memorial day where 6 million allegedly were killed …..

I think 20 million Trumps 6 million … Sean January 27, Kerry beat the bacon cabbage n spuds out of Tyrone today in Killarney the score was to Monaghan beat the lying dubs today with a to victory , Brian January 27, Sean Finnaghan January 26, Well done to the Kilkenny Camogie team for beating the living daylights out of the durty dubs today , Kilkenny Its Hurley weekend, there are some cracking games on ….

Ciara January 26, Brian January 26, Well throughout history the english have been scumbags to Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, and the rest of the world ….

Europe has Irelands back through the Brexit ordeal and onwards , if the brits mess with us then they mess with all of Europe and its time to put the brits on their heels and put-up or shut-up is all there is ,..

Europe can surround their island with ships and starve the lot of em if needed LOL The Irish Army are going to the border and the garda too if there is a no deal Brexit , Trump approves a hard border I hope the brits bring enough coffins with them just incase …….

Liam January 25, Jillian January 25, Oh tis funny Friday on the Joe Duffy show, Niall Burns January 25, Yet again the six counties and the nationlist community, never mind the few unionist listeners, have been left behind again.

So much for a national broadcaster catering to all the country. Next to nothing coverage of the second largest city in Ireland on news and everyday matters, the map of Ireland with the border imprint on the weather reports, particularly insulting to nationalists, as if the weather recognizes artificial boundaries.

Another knife in the back of the forgotten, betrayed and neglected citizens who were left behind. Very disillusioned with the betrayal of Irish citizens.

Liam January 24, Joe Duffy show - The woman going to Dublin to find her drug addict 15 year old son is a sad story …. Chris January 24, Please play "Sean south from Garryowen" and "The broad black Brimmer" …..

Thanks very much Bhoy. JohnnyBlusterweed January 23, My cabin fever is getting worse , it snowed again yesterday and more snow for the next 10 days , its minus 18 Celsius at the moment and it will be minus 30 tonight with windchill of - 45 C Gary January 23, Ah hows it going feens?

Chris January 23, Please play "The town I loved so well"-Dubliners Ps i love you January 22, Where the Globalization mongering elites meet on that Swiss mountain top fortress guarded by thousands of military and police The salt and shampoo set who believe borders and taxation are an inconvenience to their vast wealth and power accumulation Luke January 21, PS i love u January 21, Row Britannia, Britannia row away, row away on the 29th of May Row through London after the 29th of May legal obligation is ignored The ration book burnt into the British psyche I have minus 22 Celsius , its to cold , getting cabin fever.

Derry bombing will be normal if the Irish government give into the english again Camogie off to a cracker of a start Ireland cherishes other cultures and not its own Gary January 20, Hows it going from Sydney Australia mate?

I was out last night at the pub having a great time , I was singing karaoke and roaring me head off and dancing and chatting up all the girls and having plenty of pints David January 18, New Zealand has issued deportation papers to so called Irish travelers for being troublemakers and throwing rubbish all over the beautiful beaches and trying to start fights and stealing from shops and restaurants … Ciara January 18, Ryan Tubridy show - F.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend, bye. Liam January 17, Hitachi has cancelled building a nuclear plant in UK with a loss of jobs and many more jobs are about to be lost … The Joe Duffy Show … If we were not supposed to eat meat then why were we all born with canine teeth?

Greetings from the American Midwest , winter is in full blast here with 8" of snow tomorrow its minus 14 Celsius at the moment but it will be minus 25 Celsius on Sunday , I hope things work out for Ireland with the Brexit event , I like this station.

Brian January 17, RTE wont report this. Gary January 17, Hi how are ya im fine I have great news I got the job at the hardware shop ; Liam January 16, I really hope the brits leave the E.

PS i Love u January 16, President Trump, "A leveraged deal is not a good one" Tariff free banking, tariff beef and sport horses into Briton from America and Argentina No trade waa waa Under every metric America is booming and Paris is burning Gary January 15, Ah ffs im out of work ….

I hope I can get the job stocking shelves at the hardware shop at nighttime 11pm-7am that will be grand altogether, im having me few cans now , Karen left me she said I was no good ffs Ah I got fired ffs because the hotel manager where I worked caught me with one of me cans having a drink after me lunch ffs and told me that I was fired!

I still have me part time job at the marina but I need to find a full time job soon ….. I would love a nice cloudy rainy day ffs I will type on the weekend , Gary.

Paudie January 14, Liam January 14, AH-HA January 14, I think the brits will stay in the EU and that being said they need to take the hundreds of thousands of africans who demand to live in the U.

I used to live in Europe and it has changed for the worse …. Alex January 13, The migrants are the problem in Ireland and they brought racist hate from Africa and now to Leitrim , negros are a problem wherever they go , …….

Answer - because their property value would plummet. Coz before I only used to listen West life songs: Gillian August 25, Rita Blair August 18, Having recently been to LA as a volunteer for the Special Olympics I would like to extend a huge thank to everyone for their help and support in my fundraising to get me there.

It was a life changing experience and can not wait for the next one in Amie August 5, Will u please play one directions new single drag me down.

Patrick Munnelly - number: Gerry Murphy June 29, Wud ciara and shane just stop talking bout personal female matters n grow up.

Caroline May 7, I fell asleep while watching Joseph and his amazing technicolor dream coat, unreal as it was so loud, but seats where comfy and it was dark.

CVormac O Toole April 1, Thank you in advance Kind regards Cormac O Toole. Kim December 9, You will need milk. Yvonne Jolley December 7, Please play Bagatelles a summer in Dublin.

A Many thanks and Happy Christmas love your channel great on a grey day in London. Duffy family December 7, Please pleSe please play a request for the Duffy Please please please.

Can you play a request for us. The beginning of our new adventure. We send All our love to family and friends. Thank you very much Mr DJ.

Sent from my iPhone. Rachel mcgovern July 16, Will you please play jet-are you going to be my girl. I lovvvvvvveeee the show. Ella May 12, Fid March 9, Would it be possible to put on a more interesting broadcaster on a Sunday morning.

Dave Fanning is the most boring interviewer and always has music that is not people friendly and wanted by a very limited audience.

There are so many good ones please replace him. Sunday morning is a time for radio, I will definately be switching while he is on.

Update ur info hector was axed and replaced with two annoying egits from IRadio! You have lost a lot of listners from Cavan!

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Tuff TV is an digital television network targeted at men based in Atlanta, Georgia and was lunched in launched on June 30, Tuff TV carries a mixture of sports combat, motor an Mahuaa Plus is a Bhojpuri-language general entertainment television channel headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

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This drama follows the difficulties encountered by three female friends who undergo difficult changes to their respective lives. Log out Logged in with. Senator Mark Daly appeared in the second series, coming third overall. All das wirkt nämlich in diesen Algorithmus ein. It was poorly received, critics stating the scripts lacked any humour and that the direction was poor. Bitte ändern Sie die Konfiguration Ihres Browsers. Wir machen gemeinsam Akquise und empfehlen Dich und Dein Business weiter! New strands were developed. It ran for one season in and was written by Carolyn Swift. Nur mit aktiviertem JavaScript kann unser Angebot richtig dargestellt und mit allen Funktionen genutzt werden.

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